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Tablelander - July 22 2008 Scientist honoured
Popular Tablelands fisheries scientist Alf Hogan is honoured that a new native freshwater species has been named after him.

Its a shame the Synclidopus hogani isnt as big as a barramundi, but just to have a fish of any type named after you is a thrill, said Mr Hogan, a senior biologist with the Department of primary Industries and Fisheries.

Originally a fisheries technician with the department 28 years ago, Mr Hogan will leave on a high following the recently published description of the fish by Jeffery W Johnson and John E Randall in Volume 52, Part 2 of Memoirs of the Queensland Museum. Fisheries technician Terry Vallance found six specimens of the unusual species while monitoring fish populations in the Daintree River two years ago.

The Synclidopus hogani is a small flat fish in the soleid family. It has a distinctive colour pattern of narrow dark bars.

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