Tropical River Consulting
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what we do

Tropical River Consulting has the expertise and equipment to conduct a wide range of services for the freshwater natural resource management and environmental industries. These include:
  • Fish biodiversity and abundance assessments
  • Riparian habitat data collection and critical habitat identification
  • Aquatic macro-invertebrate assessments
  • Wetland construction, rehabilitation and monitoring
  • Water quality measurements
  • Heavy metals measurements in fish
  • Fish passage evaluation
  • Fish tagging and monitoring services
  • Evaluation of fish stocking success and effectiveness
  • Selective aquaculture pond harvesting
  • Aquaculture broodstock collection
  • Electrofishing information and advice
  • Scientific and layman reporting
Feel free to contact us with any natural resource management project proposal. We can support your proposal and provide input from an established network of experienced and practised scientists and field staff.

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